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The importance of people you know and trust supporting your IT services

Here at Datacenta we pride ourselves on getting to know our customers.  Our customers know that they can reach us at any time and that a real person will be waiting to answer their call or e-mail.  In the ever growing world of ‘Big Tech’ and automation our human touch sets us apart - and we know it can make all the difference!

How important is it for you?  In this day and age we know that managing your data is relevant for any size of business.  If you are a big business you are likely to have the skills and expertise in house to manage the management of your network and any back up processes.  The smaller the business the less likely that is.  This is where having a back up service that you can directly relate to can make a huge difference.

Managing data is relevant for everyone, and it’s important to get it right. Big businesses often employ dedicated engineers to solve their specific backup requirements in-house; the smaller businesses is far less likely to have that luxury. This is where having a backup service that you can directly relate to will make a huge difference.

The value of your data - be it customer personal data, HR documents, accounts - is great; the cost of getting it wrong is also great. Yet managing data may not necessarily be one of your biggest concerns. Employees come and go - how sure are you that your new engineer is fully up-to-speed with your backup requirements? How sure are you that they care? What is the financial cost of losing your data? What is the cost in reputation?

It’s easy to assume your data is being taken care of. Like a dripping pipe or that unusual sound your car makes; everything is fine… until it isn’t. Datacenta can ensure that your data is taken care of with a solution that suits your business, leaving you free to do what you do best.

Our friendly and qualified engineers are available any time of the day or night - when things go wrong, you know who to call. David Bain, Head of IT at Micro Nav talks about his experience working with Datacenta:

Having engineers we know and who know us at the end of the phone or email is invaluable, it
ensures that any issues we come across are quickly resolved and any changes are made without
concern. At no point has a question or challenge we’ve presented to the team failed to get a
response, they’re always able to come up with useful and specific solutions.”

Datacenta have engineers that will consistently meet and exceed your expectations, bringing specialised IT knowledge with a personal touch.

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