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Web Server Hosting and Data Backup for Dorset Businesses

The need for web and server hosting in the Bournemouth and Poole areas of Dorset is not confined to just the growing number of creative Digital agencies, but as our existing clients show, even traditional tourism and manufacturing sectors have a need for hosted IT services.

It’s not all about web sites - it’s about your most important asset - data, how you want to use it, and how you want to safeguard your business.

Datacenta does not and cannot compete with the faceless low-cost online web hosting providers.

What we do offer is:

  • A close working relationship where you meet with real people from Director level, and down, that understand technical issues, and not be treated as another line item from an Account Manager only to be sold to every quarter.
  • A local hosting facility that can augment what you are already doing in many different ways, such as: being your "pick up and go" off-site backup; act as a secondary to your primary provider for business continuity; or as an extension to your office so we manage your IT and you get on with your work.

We are not a company that will say we can do everything for everyone.

Our Dorset clients include Parkeon, Hoburne, Micronav and Collaborative Software for whom we have built bespoke configurations to meet their business needs.

So, if you are looking for a Dorset Data Centre please do send us a summary email so we can start a conversation and quickly ascertain if we are the right people for you. Email

These are some example scenarios that may be similar to what you need.

You simply need website hosting.

Beyond our basic shared website hosting service, we can provide Windows/Linux virtual servers with Microsoft SQL or MySQL databases. Dedicated physical servers can also be provided or a hybrid scenario of virtualised web servers and dedicated physical database servers for the best in terms of performance and costs.

Domain registration, email hosting and ADSL connections complete our standard range of Internet services.

You are a thriving Dorset digital agency that hosts in London, but you need an answer to the question of disaster recovery.

When a web agency starts, cheap web hosting can be easily bought online to get you going. In time, that can grow into virtual or dedicated servers once you start thriving. You now want to gain even larger customers, but they start asking about your Disaster Recovery process for their website. What are you going to tell them?

We hope you will never need it, but having some provisioned hosting capability with another provider, that is updated and tested on a regular basis, will give you a level of business assurance. Through server consolidation and using the smallest virtual server setups, costs can be kept down on this “digital insurance” plan, and when called into action, they can be increased to production level capacity so you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

You now have an answer for the more complex briefs and tender documents.

Your company has data backup in place, but you want more, just in case.

Your company is backing up data to storage devices in the same office but you want even more safeguards. Datacenta does have a Cloud Backup service for your desktop computers. Even if you have Cloud Backup already, you may want a physical device dedicated to your organisation so should a disaster occur, you want the option to “pick up and go” from Datacenta’s facility.

Backing up to the Cloud is easy and just happens in the background. Restoring a few accidentally deleted files can also be easy. What if the whole server is destroyed or stolen?

Restoring data can take a long time and can compete with the Internet use by staff that will be trying to continue with their own work. What could be simpler than recovering the bulk of your data in one go?

You have a growing mountain of servers in the office, but don’t have time to manage.

To begin with, one person had the interesting task to set up some servers for office. Over time, this grew and grew until they no longer have time for their real job.

You now need someone to maintain and ensure they still keep running, whilst retaining control of their configuration.

Housing them with Datacenta means they can be kept running and maintained. As you grow, it means a future office move does not involve moving this big stack of kit and interruption of service.