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The term Secure Hosting on our logo sums up what we care about.  Security is often used as a reason for not pushing ahead with projects. We understand that risks have to be identified and minimized, but our services are built from the ground up, and we have incorporated a wide range of measures that mitigate or resolve concerns for security before they even begin.

  • We own and maintain our own hosting premises.
  • We do not resell floor- or rack-space to any other hosting provider.
  • The server rooms are a restricted access zone that is protected with dual security locks and only appointed personnel approved by the Hosting Facilities Manager have access.
  • We don't look like a hosting facility from the outside and we are over 100 miles away from problems of hosting in Central London. Staff accompany visitors at all times until they leave the premises. We are ISO 27001 accredited.
  • All systems sit behind firewalls and packet-shaping technology to ensure reliability of service (and not merely connectivity). Access to Tier 1 IP is provided by steel-protected, diverse-routed, fault-tolerant circuits.
  • We offer CLAS-accredited and security-cleared personnel, to the highest levels attainable. New staff are vetted to HMG Baseline Personnel Security Standards, with job descriptions that detail their roles and responsibilities.