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We deliver secure and reliable services to the sectors whose business and administration functions depend on secure and reliable services.  We are Co-located and work in partnership with the other members of the Kimcell group of companies, including a dedicated public sector ICT consultancy practice and an Application Development practice. Our business focus is on the Public, Utilities and Not-for-Profit sectors, and the Application Developer community that develops online solutions for them.

At Datacenta Hosting we focus on:
  • Design, Build, Finance and Operate
  • Managed Services including centrally hosted services
  • Managed Infrastructure. 
Within these Services, there are a portfolio of service components, the applicability of each of which is discussed with the Customer.  Each component carries Standard Service Levels with it (often a range for each component, such as regular, enhanced, and premium level), and hence the result is a Service Level tailored to the individual Customer’s requirements, but comprised of standard elements.  Customer may then wish to tighten or to relax certain elements. The resultant agreement, whether standard or modified, is captured in a service-specific Schedule of Services.  Our proactive approach to deliver the very best solution to meet the Customer's needs ensures that we work as a partnership to help each other succeed.

Our focus on designing and operating hosting and infrastructure services to meet the focused needs of our Customers makes a winning combination.