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Datacenta is a small company that is driven by the innovation and ideas of all the staff.  There are no complex grade structures and glass offices; we are all in charge of making the business a success - running it for the buzz we get when a client is astounded how well we deliver. 

We all have different skills and work as a team to achieve excellence in what we do.   Always looking for ways to improve our offering and add value to the Customer, we share ideas and try out new technologies during our innovation time.  The combined efforts of each of the skills every member of staff brings to the table enables us to look at creative, yet practical and simple ways to achieve improved results. 

We talk openly and honestly and frankly with Customers and we are as happy to share a beer with them to map out the strategy for the next three years as we are sitting next to them in taking questions in the corporate board meeting.

There is no such term as 'the company' in Datacenta - it is just people, technology, innovation and great customers.