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Backing data up is one thing, but confidence in the ability to restore that data in the event of trouble is quite another. If you don't want to be among the one-in-two organizations that find out too late that their backup data cannot be used, then you need a service that focuses on that ability to restore.

Depending on the type of environment that you wish to back up, Datacenta provides an Assured Restore back up service with two exceptional back up technologies: Crashplan PROe and Veeam.

First back-up plan, using the acclaimed Crashplan PROe solution, ensures that the data you entrust us with are encrypted on your server(s) before transmission to us, for compressed storage on clustered, RAID-equipped servers in our underground primary centre, and every version of every file (there's no limit to the number of versions we can hold) undergoes automated integrity checking every day. Your archives are validated, validated and validated again - that's one of the reasons we call our service "Assured Restore".

In case you are looking for a backup and replication solution, compatible with VMWare and Hyper-V to protect your virtual environment we are delighted to offer an award-winning data protection software that will make sure your virtual server is secured. Veeam Back up and Replication is a perfect day-to-day tool that will guarantee full recovery and data integrity in case of emergency. The concept behind it is very simple: rather than rebuilding the whole system and reloading its data, Veeam restores the system from an image of your virtual machines from a secure cloud destination.Veeam combines several products such as VM backup, replication, recovery, and de-duplication and offsite cloud base storage to deliver a cost effective business continuity solution.

If you are wondering about the location of your encrypted data we would like to ensure you that it’s stored within UK as part of our secure managed cloud. For extra protection, we can even offer you a secondary site to which you can use for a second set of backups.