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Our data center being based in the Dorset Innovation Park, with high speed connectivity back to Bournemouth, means we can provide many more options for web and server hosting for local businesses and digital agencies. Our clients want a service that fits their needs better, rather than choosing from a price list. They want to be able to meet us and discuss exactly what they need now and as they grow.

Some clients move their servers into our data centre and by also having a leased line connection to our premises, they can cater for their business continuity needs as well outsource IT management. Working with a local Internet service partner can bring a different level of benefits.

We also work with Government bodies across the UK, where location is not an issue and not being in London may also count as a positive.

Bringing together our sophisticated infrastructure with an established performance track record and specialist technicians frees your organisation from building and managing an IT infrastructure.

Datacenta's approach to hosting revolves around the 4 pillars of Design, Finance, Build and Operate. These elements may be combined to meet specific needs of our customers, but may be grouped generically into the following types;

Co-Location: you buy and own the servers that deliver the IT services your business needs, but we build them and locate them in our environmentally-controlled, secure server rooms, taking advantage of facilities such as controlled computer-room access, uninterruptible power supplies, constant environment monitoring and 24/7 support capabilities.

Managed Hosting: In this service, we take over the management of the servers from you - we can also go as far as design, finance, and configuration of those servers to a jointly-agreed specification, and may include such facilities as load-balanced performance, fail-over configurations and/or clustered database capabilities.

Managed Applications: A comprehensively monitored and managed system, underpinned by proven service delivery are the hallmarks of our dedicated Managed Applications hosting. For  'standard' environments  (e.g. Oracle, MySQL, SAP, etc.), we've usually done it before and you can take advantage of that experience in terms of speed of implementation and thus Time To Benefit.  However, we like nothing better than to design, build and operate bespoke hosted solutions from the ground up.

We use our own Assured Restore service to provide backup and restore capabilities for all flavours of hosting, both locally within each data centre, and remotely from each to the other.