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Secure Private Cloud

The Datacenta Private cloud is a secure cloud infrastructure operated solely for use by a single organisation.  Managed internally and hosted in Datacenta’s secure locations we offer a customised solution with predictable running cost and dedicated hands on knowledgeable support.  We take away the need for organisation to invest significant levels of money and resources when virtualising their business environment. 

Our Community cloud solution, is composition of two or more Private clouds which remain unique entities but are bound together at service boundaries, offering the benefits of multiple deployment models as so offering customers the ability of make use of shared services.  Such composition expands deployment options for cloud services, allowing customer to use flex their cloud computing resources to meet temporary needs.  The "Community cloud’ service allows members to share redundancy and capacity so keeping control on cost.

Our Cloud architecture has the correct defensive implementations are in place to ensure the service and data remains intact.  Controls are put in place to safeguard any weaknesses in the system and so minimising the effect of an attack.  We build our solutions to deliver "mission-critical" applications against service-level agreements (SLAs) required which give our customers peace of mind.